#Melanoboost Moments In The Sun


Is there anything more jealousy inducing than buffed blokes and bronzed bombshells enjoying a summer holiday under the sun? We don’t think so. Every cloud has a silver lining though, and in this case it’s Melanoboost. Here’s a gallery of some of our favourite babes who’ve all used Melanoboost to achieve that golden glow- which means YOU can use Melanoboost to achieve the same look!

Babes who love Melanoboost  Babes who love Melanoboost


The beautiful Danielle Bonnor (in red bikini) is based in Australia, but you’d be mistaken for thinking she’s been enjoying a European summer thanks to her deep bronze complexion! This mama to be has been relying on Melanoboost to maintain that glow during the winter- the results speak for themselves. 


With his sculpted physique and awe inspiring proportions, its easy to see why Stian Bjornes is better known in his homeland as the Norwegian Viking. He is actually a fitness coach and model who knows how to look his best, and a healthy looking tan part of his regime. Whenever he has a spare 15 minutes, Stian boosts his tan in the best way by using Melanoboost.


Brunette beauty Nevena Tepic has spent some of her summer poolside in Bali, and wanted to really make the most of that hot sun. “I don’t travel anywhere without my Melanoboost,” she says, as it allows you to achieve the deepest possible tan in only a fraction of the time, meaning in only a few days in Bali you can look as though you’ve spent a month sunbathing!


We might not be able to help you achieve a body like our MelanoBAE Eva Czarnocka, but we can certainly help you replicate her deep bronze tan. Eva uses Melanoboost year ‘round to maintain her tan, but recently relied on it to get her skin prepped for Miami Swim Week!


With his healthy lifestyle and super fit physique, we can see why online fitness coach Kayne Lawton has made a successful career out of writing personalised meal and training plans for those who want to look their best and live a healthy, happy life. Kayne spends plenty of time at the beach, so knows a thing or two about tanning. He calls his Melanoboost "Liquid Gold" - we couldn't agree more!


Model Jessica Martin spends most of her life in swimsuits and lingerie thanks to her glamorous job, so she uses Melanoboost to keep her skin golden and radiant whatever the weather to ensure she’s ready for whichever jobs pop up at the last minute! Like Eva, Jessica also used everyone’s favourite peptide tanning solution to get her skin ready for Swim Week in Miami, Florida.

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