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Sun & Science


Born and bred in Australia, Melanoboost was launched in the summer of 2016 and is brought to you by a team of tanning and skin care experts. Prior to Melanoboost's launch our team spent years researching and developing an innovative product that combines high quality ingredients PLUS the sun tanning game changer – PEPTIDES.

As travellers and sun lovers, we know the unbeatable look and feeling of a great suntan. We also know the importance of taking a balanced approach to UV exposure to maximise benefit and minimise risk.

Our philosophy is to combine sun and science to bring advancement to tanning products beyond the scope of traditional sun tan oils, fake tan, or prohibited tanning methods by using intelligent technologies to promote faster, darker tanning with minimal UV exposure.  

Combining our knowledge in science, skin, beauty and tanning in the creation of Melanoboost, we introduced biomimetic peptides with game changing effect; these smart active ingredients are designed to boost the skin’s melanin production, activate the natural tanning process, and optimise tanning results with minimal UV exposure.


Melanoboost combines sun and science through the use of biomimetic peptides.

Melanoboost's exclusive peptide complex is designed to boost your natural melanin levels with an new innovative topically applied tanning peptide that is safe and effective.

The biomimetic peptide used within the Melanoboost products function is to increase melanin. Melanin is the pigment which makes our skin tan. Melanin synthesis usually only occurs when our skin is exposed to UV light. The biomimetic peptide used by Melanoboost is designed to stimulate tyrosinase synthesis and help increase melanin production without UV exposure.

Melanoboost Peptide Complex is a unique combination of active ingredients powered by peptides that are designed to trigger an increase in melanin production without exposure to UV light. It is this use of peptides that differentiates Melanoboost from other sun tanning oils, and what makes its performance so ground breaking!

Melanoboost was developed to work without sun exposure to boost melanin levels in all skin types and tones, when your melanin levels are boosted less time in the sun is required to tan effectively.

When used in conjunction with minimal sun exposure, the tanning result is significantly amplified, resulting in an intense, long lasting tan.

Melanoboost has introduced peptides to tanning to help boost melanin - GAME CHANGING!


Melanin is the pigment that makes our skin tan and is produced by cells called melanocytes. Melanin synthesis usually only occurs when our bodies are exposed to UV light. The more concentrated melanin levels in the skin are, the faster and darker you can tan.

The biomimetic peptide used in Melanoboost products is specially indicated for people with fair skin that want to tan but can’t spend longer periods of time in the sun.

Melanoboost Peptide Complex contains a unique combination of active ingredients powered by peptides to promote higher concentrations of melanin in the skin without UV exposure. When melanin is boosted prior to sun exposure, very little UV exposure is required to tan effectively.

Regular sun tanning products like coconut oil may benefit the skin with moisturising properties, but don't actually contain any significant active ingredients, therefore don't boost melanin. When you apply regular tanning oils and lay in the sun for long periods, it is the UV from the sun the sun that stimulates melanin synthesis, not the oil.

Prolonged sun exposure is never advisable. We always try to educate our customers that Melanoboost only requires short periods of time in the sun to work.

If you’re serious about tanning and care about skin health, then it's time to take a balanced approach to UV exposure. 

Minimum Sun · Maximum Tan = Melanoboost