How To Get The Most Out Of Your Summer Tan

Just returned to the cold after a European summer? or loving life to the north of the equator and are in the midst of the heat?

Either way, if you’ve found yourself with a beautiful, deep, natural suntan, we can only imagine you’ll want to cling onto that colour for dear life! There are a few steps you can take to extend the life of your summer tan.


Kati Garnett for melanoboost  Kati Garnett for melanoboost

1. Moisturise

Dry skin is the enemy of a tan, for a number of reasons. A tan will only grace the top layer of your skin, so if your skin becomes dry and flakey, you’ll lose that beautiful tan as your dehydrated skin begins to peel and flake off. The solution? Moisturise day and night, just as you would the skin on your face. It’s important to hydrate from the inside out too, to ensure your skin is as plump and moisturised for as long as possible so you can hold onto that glow.

2. Use your Melanoboost!

The beauty of Melanoboost is that it allows you to develop a tan in both a short amount of time and with minimal sun exposure. If you notice your tan is starting to fade, you can use your Melanoboost to make the most of even the slightest patch of sun and top up that tan! Melanoboost is also packed with skin-loving ingredients, so it doubles as a really hydrating body oil to moisturise the skin to prolong your existing tan.

This customer review really sums up just how effective Melanoboost is as a pre-tan accelerator, dark tanning oil, and after sun moisturiser! For plenty more similar reviews head to our product page here

"AMAZING I absolutely love this oil. I have recently been away on just a two week trip and can't believe how tanned I have become! I used the oil every morning before sun exposure, as well after sun at night as a moisturizer. Love the feeling of the oil and the scent is amazing, even my friends would comment on it. The product definitely works in my opinion!"
Ashleigh N - Jul 12, 2017

3. Shower with caution

As much as we love a long, hot shower, hot water actually dehydrates the skin causing it to dry out. Another thing to be wary of is foaming body washes. Most foaming products contain skin-drying ingredients to physically create that lovely foam, so opt for a hydrating shower cream or body milk rather than foaming washes and gels to ensure your time in the shower doesn’t leave you tan-less!

To get your hands on a bottle of this liquid gold on hold onto that just a little longer, click the shop button below.

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