Jaymes Swimwear X MELANOBOOST

She’s the face and body of our inaugural campaign shoot and she’s our ultimate summer beauty icon.

Jamie Allen knows a winning tanning product when she sees it.

Jaymes Swimwear features on Melanoboost Blog  Jaymes Swimwear features on Melanoboost Blog

Having starred in our first ever Melanoboost photoshoot, Jamie knew how easy it was to get a deep, even, all-over tan in next to no time using our Peptide Sun Tanning Oil. As the founder of Jaymes Swimwear, Jamie is the expert when it comes to shore side style. We envy Jamie’s bikini clad, sun drenched lifestyle (and her eye for summer style!), but spending her days trying on so many different swimwear options has made Jamie an expert in yet another field - tan lines. Keep an eye on the Jaymes Swimwear Instagram - Jamie often gives away Melanoboost Travel Buddies with the purchase of her togs!

Here's how Jamie uses and loves her Melanoboost:

“The way you can use it is you can put it on during lunch, for example, then wear it for 10 minutes and will give you a tan as if you’ve been in the sun for an hour,” Jamie told her Instagram followers recently.

Jamie also show us how she used her Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tanning Oil to target specific parts of the body:

“So you all know I’m pretty tanned,” the perpetually bronzed beach babe told her audience, “so I’m going to put it on my tan lines to see if it works on them.”

No more than 10 minutes later, Jamie was back on Instagram sharing an update with her followers.

“So 10 minutes has passed and I have NO tan lines left! This stuff really does work.”

The beauty of Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tanning Oil is that it increases the melanin in your skin, amplifying the effects of the sun to leave you with a deep, golden bronze tan in a fraction of the time - perfect for women (and men!) like Jamie who love a dark tan, but don’t necessarily have hours to spend out in the sun to reach their desired colour. Wearing sunscreen over the top will also help to protect your skin from UV damage, without affect your tanning ability.

The best thing about our Sun Tan Oil?

The ability to customise your colour and disguise those pesky tan lines in a mere 10 minutes! Chase the sun with your Melanoboost, shop it in our online store  #MinimumSunMaximumTan




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