Melanoboost Results Peptide Sun Tanning Lotion
Melanoboost Results Peptide Sun Tanning Oil
Melanoboost Results Peptide Sun Tanning Oil

Ready For Your Best Tan Yet?

Tan naturally with less time in the sun with Melanoboost. Powered by science, our oils, lotions & sprays boost your body's natural melanin levels (the pigment that makes you tan) allowing you to tan faster and darker with less time spent in the sun!

Common FAQ's

How Does It Make Me More Tan?

Melanoboost uses active ingredients to boost your body's natural production of melanin (your bodys naturally produced skin pigment), when you enter the sun you tan faster!

Is it good for my skin?

Incorporated into our oils, lotions & spray is powerful ingredients such as Aloe Leaf Juice & Vitamin E to revitalise and moisturise the skin before, during & after sun exposure.

How Often Can I Use It?

Most of our community uses Melanoboost daily as a moisturiser and tan booster. We recommend you use it for a few days in the lead up to sun exposure, for optimum results!

What Are The Reviews?

We've supplied Melanoboost to over 10,000+ customers worldwide. Check out some of their reviews here