Melanoboost Peptide Tan Accelerator Oils

Curious about the differences between Melanoboost's Yellow and Coral Tanning Oils? Let's dive in and explore their unique features!

What They Have in Common...

Both oils feature Melanoboost's powerful peptides designed to optimise tanning results with minimal sun exposure. They share a luxurious oil base consisting of eight nutrient-rich oils, carefully selected for their lightweight textures and exceptional skin conditioning properties. The light, silky texture spreads easily, absorbs quickly, and leaves your skin looking glossy without feeling greasy.

Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tan Oil

Now, let's talk about the one key difference!

The Coral Peptide Sun Tanning Oil+ Bronzing has added sunless tanning actives to give you an extra bronzing boost. It can enhance your color before sun exposure, or enhance and deepen your tan afterwards.

+ Bronzing works in three phases:

Phase 1: Non-tinted sunless tanning actives gradually develop into a temporary sunless tan. 
Phase 2: While you're building your sunless tan, the peptides work to prime your skin for UV exposure.
Phase 3: Short bursts of UV exposure optimise tanning results.

Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tan Oil Bronzing

Additional Benefits...

Both the Yellow and Coral Melanoboost oils provide lasting benefits long after the sun goes down. Both can be used after sun exposure to feed your skin with much-needed moisture, quelling any dry, post-sun tightness. However, if you want to enhance and deepen your tan colour, the Coral bottle with + Bronzing sunless tanning actives is the one to reach for.
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