What's The Difference Between Our 2 Peptide Sun Tanning Oils?

Since the launch of our new Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tanning Oil + Bronzing, many of you can't decide which oil to choose - it's just too exciting to handle!

We thought we'd help you decide which one to get, by explaining the difference between the two. Read on...

Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tan Oil - Melanin Boosting Formula  Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tan Oil - Melanin Boosting Formula

First, we'll talk about some of the things that BOTH oils can do:

Both oils contain our exclusive Melanoboost Peptide Complex; the melanin boosting and sun tan accelerating benefits are designed to work in the same way for each sun tan oil to help you achieve faster, darker tanning. To learn more about how Melanoboost Peptide Complex is designed to boost melanin levels in your skin, read our blog.

The two peptide infused oils are designed equally to prepare the skin for sun exposure by boosting melanin levels in the skin. The more abundant your skin's melanin levels are, the darker you can tan.

Both oils promote tanning after sun exposure also - so smooth it on as your 'after sun' skin care to nourish, soothe and keep boosting melanin levels.  

So, the sun tan side of things is taken care of with both oils; so what is the difference in the + Bronzing?

The new  Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tanning Oil + Bronzing has the addition of temporary sunless tanning enhancement. Apply Melanoboost® Peptide Sun Tanning Oil + Bronzing in the lead up to sun exposure to layer on some serious sunless colour as you work on boosting your skin's melanin levels to activate the natural tanning process. The boost of sunless colour works perfectly to take that 'pale edge' off your skin while you’re working on your real sun tan! You can use it before, during and after sun exposure. Known by us as Tri-Phase Tanning™ explained in detail in this blog.

BONUS! The 'Plus Bronzing' boost is non-tinted, so no more stained swimwear or sheets!

Jemma. D loves that it gives her colour but doesn't stain her clothes: 

"I love LOVE LOVE this product. 2 uses in I could see my tan lines! Any other tanning oil I have burnt or stained my clothes. But with this product, from the scent feel was a win within its own, I will continue using this product I highly recommend it to anyone!"
So, both oils will work their magic in the sun tanning corner - now all you need to decide is if you want or need the Plus Bronzing boost! Get a more detailed description on the Plus Bronzing in this blog.
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Can I use Melanoboost as a tan accelerator in a tanning bed?

A frequently asked question from our sun tan lovers in the United States is 'can I use my Melanoboost® products in a tanning bed?'

The short answer is yes, you can. 

The process starts before your visit to the salon. Apply your Melanoboost for a few days leading up to UV exposure to boost melanin levels. This is designed to prepare the skin for sun exposure and set it up for accelerated sun tanning. This step is key for the deepest, darkest tan in the shortest time.

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Before we talk about the differences between Melanoboost’s three products, it’s important to understand what is the same. PEPTIDES are the fundamental element that powers the entire Melanoboost product range beyond the capabilities of any other sun tan lotion, oil or cream. 

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Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tanning Lotion - MAX BOOST your tan

Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tanning Lotion - MAX BOOST your tan.


With all the amazing qualities of our original Peptide Sun Tanning Oil, but in a light, hydrating lotion, our new ‘BLUE’ Peptide Sun Tanning Lotion effortlessly transitions from pre-tan melanin booster, to sun tan accelerator, to after sun moisturiser.

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