UV Exposure - How much is enough

UV exposure - So how long should you be spending in the sun?

They tell us not to spend too much time in the sun or we’ll risk getting skin cancer, but they also tell us we’re not getting enough UV exposure and are growing increasingly Vitamin D deficient. Finding a happy medium when it comes to UV exposure can be a tough gig, so we’ve consulted the experts to find out precisely how much time we should be spending in the sun this summer.

UV exposure - How much is enough  UV exposure - How much is enough

The pros and cons of UV exposure

We all know that too long spent unprotected in the sun can cause significant skin damage and increase our risk of skin cancer. So what exactly are the benefits of spending time in the sun?

Our body absorbs Vitamin D via UVB rays, and Vitamin D is essential for bone development and maintaining musculoskeletal health. While we can obtain Vitamin D from dietary sources, these sources only contribute between 5 and 10% of our recommended Vitamin D requirements.

How much time should we spend in the sun?

According to the National Cancer Council, Australians will absorb adequate Vitamin D during typical day to day outdoor activities- just a few minutes of UV exposure to the hands or arms on most days is enough! It’s also recommended that Australians use a combination of sun protection such as sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses if they’re going to be outdoors for more than a few minutes during summer, as Australia’s UV index is over 3 during these months. 

In the cooler months, it’s recommended that Australians spend some time outdoors in the middle of the day without protection, when the UV Index is at its highest. A walk at lunchtime, or some time spent outdoors, are perfect examples of safe winter activities!

We encourage a balanced approach to UV exposure.

As travellers and sun lovers, we know the unbeatable look and feeling of a great sun tan. We also know the importance of taking a balanced approach to UV exposure to maximise benefit and minimise risk, which is why we created Melanoboost®.

Melanoboost’s revolutionary peptide technology is designed to boost the body’s natural melanin production prior to UV exposure to optimise tanning results. When melanin levels are boosted, only minimal UV exposure is required to tan effectively.

Minimum sun - Maximum tan!

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