5 Tips to maintain your summer tan

Your beach holiday is over and, thanks to Melanoboost, your tan is looking deep, bronze and better than ever. Want to cling on to that glow as Autumn sets in?

Follow our tips below to maintain your natural sun tan.

Melanoboost's tips to maintaining your sun tan  Melanoboost's tips to maintaining your sun tan

1. Keep Using Your Melanoboost!

Dry skin is the enemy of any tan, natural or otherwise, so hydrating your skin is key to maintaining that glow. Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tanning Oil is PACKED with 8 skin nourishing oils, making it the perfect product to rehydrate your skin when you’re out of the sun. Moisturise or apply a body oil twice a day, and always replenish moisture after a shower.

2. Hydrate From The Inside Out

It might sound silly, but keeping up your water intake is just as important as moisturising when it comes to preventing dry, chapped skin. Your skin is an organ, so a dehydrated body will wreak havoc on your complexion, leading to dullness, peeling and dry patches.

3. Exfoliate Very Gently

You still need to exfoliate when you have a tan, but go easy on it to avoid over exfoliating. Dry, dead skin cells give the skin an overall dull appearance which will hide your golden bronze complexion. So lightly exfoliate to reveal your glow! A little bit of Summer Salt Scrub never goes astray.

4. Go Easy On The Hot Water

Boiling hot showers dry out the skin surprisingly quickly, so opt for lukewarm showers where possible. Dried out skin will flake off, taking your tan with it.

5. Ditch the bad body washes

Hopping out of the shower feeling ‘squeaky-clean’? That’s actually not ideal – it means you’ve stripped your natural oils from your skin. Steer clear of body washes containing nasties like SLS. And use one that’s pH balanced to 5.0 – 5.5, which is the healthy pH for skin.

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