The Skincare Steps We Often Forget

With such an emphasis on keeping our complexions balanced and our bodies smooth and hydrated throughout the warmer months, it’s easy to forget a few steps in between.

From chapped lips to dry nails and sunburn in unexpected places, here’s the skincare steps we so often neglect.

Skin care we forget - Melanoboost  Skin care we forget - Melanoboost

Scrubbing and Moisturising the Lips

One of the biggest mistakes we make with our lips is applying lip balms that aren’t actually rich in hydrating properties. A lot of lip balms simply act as a barrier, meaning no moisture is sinking in to your lips and you’ll be constantly reaching for more balm all day. Our recommendation? Gently scrub your lips once or twice a day, then apply a lip balm packed with lanolin and hydrating oils. Look for a formula with SPF protection to wear during the day- don’t forget, your lips can get burnt too!

Reapplying Sunscreen

Applying sunscreen underneath your makeup is unfortunately not enough. Most sunscreens last for 4 hours, which means your SPF protection has worn off before you head outside for lunch! To avoid ruining your makeup, look for a sunscreen in a spray bottle, or touch up using a setting powder containing SPF.

When you're using sunscreen in conjunction with your Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tanning Oil, be sure to apply your oil first and sunscreen over the top! 

Moisturise Your Hands and Nails

Did you know that your hands and neck are the first parts of the body to show visible signs of ageing? Dry and cracked skin only speeds up the superficial ageing process, so keep a hand and nail cream with you at all times, particularly during the summer when your skin is at its driest. Pay close attention to your nail beds, as they’re the first spot to start cracking. This will also keep your nails healthy and strong, meaning you can grow them out longer without them splitting!

No Hat No Play!

Have you experienced a sunburnt scalp before? There’s truly nothing worse than the pain of taking a hot shower and washing your hair with a raw, flakey, sunburnt scalp. If you’ll be spending a prolonged period of time in direct sunlight, pop a hat on to avoid any post-sun scalp woes.

Pay Extra Attention To Your Knees and Elbows

Knees and elbows are generally the driest areas of the body, so pay extra attention to them when exfoliating and moisturising during the summer. While getting a tan is great, spending time in the sun will dry the skin out, causing dry areas to become simply unbearable. That’s one of our favourite things about MelanoBoost- not only does is speed up the tanning process (meaning less time in the sun), is also hydrates the skin and packs it with moisture!


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