Peptide Sun Tanning - Sun Tan Without Sun Baking

Unlike traditional sun tan oils, Melanoboost® Peptide Sun Tanning Oils contain smart, active ingredients. Peptides - new technology. 

Since the launch of Melanoboost®, sun lovers have been upgrading their old sun tan lotions to Melanoboost® Peptide Sun Tanning Oils for the sun tan without the sun baking. Just short bursts of UV, 15 - 20 minutes is all you need for accelerated sun tanning. 

Peptides aren’t new in the cosmetic and skincare industry. They’re used in face creams and serums to increase collagen, minimise the effects of ageing, lines, wrinkles, sagging - peptides can do a lot. Peptides get the results that people are looking for because they are smart ingredients.

This is what sets Melanoboost® apart from other sun tanning products on the market - our PEPTIDE powered formulas are the first sun tanning oils to be formulated with with smart active ingredients.

Peptide Sun Tanning  Peptide Sun Tanning 

How Melanoboost® is different:

Yes, Melanoboost® oils contain some ingredients that provide delicious moisturising, skin nourishinment; like some other sun tanning oils. Some other sun tan lotions even contain an amino acid for a boost of colour. What those other oils don’t contain is smart, active ingredients; Peptides - new technology, and this is where the difference lies. Read on...

There are a number of ‘sun tan’ oils on the market. Most can help you achieve a tan if you spend lengthy amounts of time in the sun. Our opinion; If you need to spend excessive time in the sun to achieve the tan, do you really need the oil? Spending hours in the sun WILL tan (or burn!) most people.

Melanoboost® spent years researching and developing a product to combine high quality tanning oils and skin conditioning ingredients plus the game changer – peptides. The addition of Melanoboost® Peptide Complex removes the need to spend lengthy time in the sun while getting a deep, dark tan, and answering the question from the sun lovers “what’s the best sun tanning oil for a fast dark tan” - Melanoboost® Peptide Sun Tanning Oil.

Our popular sun tanning lotion has made it’s mark in the sun tanning industry and our customers agree, letting us know with product reviews.

Kelly B. from Australia says: 


For someone who never goes a week without fake tanning like an oompa loompa and has tried relentlessly to get a real tan (only to peel and reveal another layer of white and freckles) I am completely gobsmacked!! The reviews were insanely good and I couldn’t decide on one so bought both and can I just say, it’s a flipping miracle in a bottle!!! I had subtle tan lines after day one, ZERO sunburn and deliciously nourished skin. I spent an hour a day in the sun for one week and slept in the bronze oil on Friday night for an extra glow for the weekend and everyone commented on how ahhhmazing my holiday tan was! Thanks guys, you’ve nailed it! X" - 21.01.2018

Darren C. from the Seychelles says:


Ive been using this product for just over a week now, the tan is absolutely perfect! Short bursts of sun exposure does the trick!" - 19.01.2018

Get your hands on the best tanning oil for a fast dark tan without the sun baking by popping over to our online store and adding to your cart!

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