Our Fave Aussie Swimwear Brands

Shopping for the perfect summer swimsuit is the sartorial equivalent of searching for great jeans- with so much to choose from, it’s hard to know where to begin?

Very few people feel truly confident slipping into such little fabric in the hunt for the perfect bikini, with the fluorescent glow of a department store changing room and the remains of a washed-out winter complexion delivering a firm hit to our egos. As summer is swiftly approaching, we’re here to make the swimsuit selection process that bit easier. While a natural summer glow certainly helps, starting with a shortlist of fail-safe swimsuit labels can cut the try-on process in half. Here are our favourite homegrown swimwear heroes.

Melanoboost's favourite swimwear brands  Melanoboost's favourite swimwear brands

Kenni & Kai

Developed by Australia’s Next Top Model alumni Tahnee Atkinson and her sister Kalia, Kenni & Kai epitomises the laid back style of Bondi cool that has swept our shores in recent seasons. Tahnee herself is the ultimate Aussie beach babe- honey dipped skin, tousled tresses and almond eyes. Tahnee recognised the need for more flexible sizing in the swimwear market and endeavoured to create a label where tops and bottoms were sold separately, allowing shoppers to customise their fit and find a swimsuit they feel amazing in.


Often imitated but never replicated, Melbourne-bred Erin Deering discovered a gap in the market for high quality bikinis at an accessible price point back in 2012 and so, Triangle was born. One of the first swimwear brands to truly capitalise on social media marketing, you’d be lucky to walk across a sun drenched surface in Australia and not see a bevy of girls clad in Triangl. And with good reason- the label’s bright, neoprene designs are created to withstand the elements season after season.

Matteau Swim

Phoebe Tonkin knows a thing or two about swimwear- the Australian actress spent the first years of her career splashing through the ocean in her role as a mermaid on H2O: Just Add Water and we can now spot her starring in Matteau Swim inaugral lookbook. The collection (designed by stylist Ilona Hamer) is far from mermaid-inspired however, with nary a sequin in sight. Matteau’s ethos is to “enhance and support the modern woman” through simple, uncomplicated yet beautiful swimwear.



Jets by Jessika Allen

While everything Jets designer Jessika Allen creates for her swimwear label Jets is beautiful, what really sets the brand apart is its approach to one-pieces. Gone are the years of one-pieces equating to unflattering, Olympic-pool worthy swimsuits, with Jets ensuring their seasonal designs are flattering and trend driven so women of all swimsuit preferences are able to invest in something they feel their very best poolside.

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