Must Have Accessories For The Beach!

You’ve got your swimsuit picked out and you’re feeling great in your new shoreside getup - but something is missing...

Ensure your summer look ticks all the boxes by adding a few accessories from our list of beach-day essentials.


Melanoboost's summer accessories  Melanoboost's summer accessories

An Insta-Worthy Beach Towel

If you go to the beach and don’t Instagram it, did you ever really go to the beach? A great towel has more than just a practical use, turning an ocean-side social snap into a shot worthy of an editorial. We love The Beach People's round towels because they’re huge (which means no wriggling around uncomfortably with the lower half of your legs getting sandy while you sunbake), and they feel as great as they look thanks to super soft absorbent cotton.

Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tanning Oil

It’s rare enough as it is to get a complete day of freedom to spend at the beach in the first place, and now that you’ve got all your gorgeous beach accessories sorted, who has the time to just lie in the sun all day? If you want to enjoy your day in the sun and don’t want to dedicate hours to rotating on your towel in the hopes of developing an even tan, cut your bronzing time in half by keeping your Melanoboost on hand. Melanoboost will rapidly amp up your tan to a deep bronze in little time and little sun, so you can get your tan sorted and spend the rest of your day enjoying all the fun summer brings! 

The Perfect Shades

Similar to your new beach towel, a great pair of shades can be as nice to look at as they are functional. Find the perfect pair of sunglasses for you and your peepers will not only be protected from the sun, they’ll also elevate your beachwear to ensure a smooth transition into a poolside party outfit. One of our favourite accessories labels, The 5th have just launched their own range of killer frames made of materials sturdy enough to withstand the sun, sea and surf.

A Wide Brim Hat

Sunglasses aren’t enough to protect that gorgeous face of yours from the sun’s rays- enter, another practical summer accessory in the shape of a straw hat. A wide brim hat, like these straw options by Aussie favourites Lack Of Colour will keep your face out of the sun as well as disguising any salty, unruly beach hair with ease.

Sand-Ready Soles

You’ve never really spent a day on an Australian beach if you’ve not experienced the pain of scorching hot sand on the soles of your feet as you pack up after hours in the sun. A pair of gorgeous slides will save your soles, as well as letting you avoid the inevitable sand-between-the-toes caused by a standard pair of thongs. We love Sol Sana's summer flats as they’re on-trend enough to take you to after-beach drinks if the day calls for it.

The Ultimate Carry-All

You’ve got your holiday accessories sorted- now how are you going to physically get them down to the beach? A chic beach bag is the answer. We love neoprene styles, like our picks by Duskii, because the fabric is durable enough to handle the elements (and sit in the sun all day without losing its shape or colour!).


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