Melanoboost Reviews: The Ultimate Sun Tanning Oil

According to Melanoboost reviews, our sun tanning range has made waves throughout our homeland, Australia. Now, the peptide sun tanning revolution is slaying all over the world with epic customer reviews flowing in.

Serious tanning results for all skin types with just short bursts of sun exposure and a coating of our liquid gold sun tanning oil. With Melanoboost, that ultimate sun tan is in reach without the need to spend hours sun bathing on the beach. What's even better - you can still use your sun protection over the top without affecting sun tanning results!

Read on for real customer reviews on, or head to each product page for even more Melanoboost reviews...

Melanoboost Reviews  Melanoboost Reviews


"I usually don’t tan and just burn and peel but melanoboost changed all of that and have never been so tanned before! I usually do between 20-30 min each side when laying in the sun and BAM got a tan!! Haven’t stopped using it since summer 2017!!" - Ethan R. 



"I have repurchased over 5 times now because these products actually work! I use the Sun Tanning Oil almost daily as a skin oil/moisturiser and use the Bronzing Oil for a nice glow when I go out. The smell is a nice summery scent and it does not clash with or overpower my perfume. My tan is long lasting and I don't need to lay out in the sun all day to get results." - Michelle K. 



"This is the best suncream I’ve ever used I’ve got so much darker than I could image and I don’t tan for long anymore just 30min in the sun and it looks like I’ve been in the sun all day. I’d recommend it to anyone looking to get tanned as this works fast." - Jeff R. 

4. "LOVE IT"

"Best tanning oil ever! Love using it even with SPF on top I get a super dark tan!" - Natalie J.


"I bought this product based on the difference between Melanoboost and other tanning oils. I have been a weekly self fake tanner for 5 years now as I believed that my skin could not tan but only burn and it has seriously been a major insecurity for me for so many years. I've done and tried EVERYTHING to naturally tan but nothing had worked. I took Melanoboost on my holiday to Bali recently and I am shocked! I'm actually noticeably naturally tanned!! I never thought it would happen. I've had so many comments on my natural tan already and I didn't even bake in the sun for hours on end! I did short intervals every day like Melanoboost recommended. You guys have made the BEST product and made a pale girl very very happy. I'm tanned thanks to Melanoboost!!!!" - Ellie G.


"I absolutely love melanoboost. I noticed a difference just 30 minutes after being in the sun. My tan has lasted for weeks as well, and not to mention the product smells amazing!" - Steph K.


7. "LOVE"

"I used this every day on a recent trip to Bali and built up the most amazing tan, people thought I’d had a spray tan on my return! Since then I’ve used this every day and have only needed 20-40 mins in the sun to not only keep my existing tan but build on it, I’ve never been this naturally tanned before. It’s amaze, have tried other tanning sprays and oils on the market and this tops them all! Will have to re-order again soon! Thank you! X" - Lisa M.

Kick start your ultimate sun tan with Melanoboost. Learn the difference between our two oils here to help you decide which to choose.

For more Melanoboost reviews and to SHOP, head to individual product pages: Peptide Sun Tanning Oil or Peptide Sun Tanning Oil + Bronzing.

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