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Love the smell this oil leaves on skin and absorbs nicely. I have drivers arm (one more tanned than the other) I applied it to the lighter arm and now they match!

- Barbara B, Australia, 6/11/17


I absolutely love this product. I have the best tan and it has lasted. I spent a small amount of time in the sun only. My skin is not dry as the oil moisturises the skin. I have been telling all of my friends about it. Haven’t even thought about getting a spray tan pre-summer. Absolutely love it!!!!!

- Nicole K, Australia 05/11/17


It is amazing!! Although as soon as I bought it the weather has been **** , the few times I have used it I find it amazing I have kept my European tan all the way through the Australian cold so I find this great!!!

- Branka D, Australia, 01/11/17


Melanoboost helps build a fast tan without lying in the sun for hours.

- Frankie C, Australia, 25/10/17


This tanning product is by far the best I have ever used... in fact it doesn't come close in comparison with other tanning products it really works! my tan had started fading after my holiday, it was basically gone when my order arrived the other day. used it three times this week for only 30min in the sun. every one is asking me if I have been on holiday again. this stuff is AMAZING! Just want to say thank you to Melanoboost for their professionalism and helpfulness in getting this product to me. had some minor issue they were so helpful and went out of their way to help me get it sorted out super fast too... I have never dealt with any company that provides its customers with such excellent service can't say enough about this product and company...❤️

- Anastassia K, Greece, 20/10/17


Was really good my wife and myself used on our holiday and we have tanned the best ever.

- Jon G, from Australia 13/10/17


The oil smells lovely and I used it for about 10 days before my holiday. I am fair and achieved a tan much faster than I usually do, without having to spend the entire day laying in the sun. About to order my second batch!

Cassandra l. from Singapore 11/10/17
I loved using this underneath my sun cream, it sped up the tanning process and I don’t think I have been so dark as quickly. A must buy for any holiday!

Sigourney R. from United Kingdom, 28/9/17.
Coming from an Asian country and although I have naturally tanned skin, it does take me a while (at least 2-5 days out in the full sun) before I actually start getting a tan! I recently used Melanoboost and whilst putting it on, I thought “ What if it was one of those scams What if it doesn’t work And I’ve just wasted my money!!” Well, for less than an hour, in one day, I got a TAN!! So happy! Thank you Melanoboost! And best of all, it smells great! I actually use it over my moisturising lotion as lpart of my everyday routine, especially now coming to the summer months! I’m definitely buying the 3 pack for my next order... Definitely worth a try!

- Eva S. 29/10/2017

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