Melanoboost reviews – 100+ reasons why

Since Melanoboost® launched 12 months ago, we have experienced rapid growth as the World’s first Peptide Sun Tanning Oil brand, and have received well over 100 Melanoboost® reviews from customers keen to share their experiences.

Melanoboost reviewsMelanoboost reviews   

For most online businesses, online reviews are hard to garner, yet Melanoboost® reviews roll into our inbox regularly.

As a brand supported by a dedicated team of professionals in the fields of tanning, health, and beauty, we absolutely love receiving customer reviews as they validate what we have worked so hard to achieve. We knew Melanoboost® was going to be BIG once people tried our revolutionary Peptide Sun Tanning Oils, however we are ecstatic to have received such overwhelming support from so many happy customers as we mark Melanoboost's first birthday on the 1st of December 2017!  Such a nice feeling, so thank you to all our customers who have taken the time to post reviews - and such detailed ones - That's what we find so encouraging! Your Melanoboost® reviews are so informative, supportive, and [blush] complimentary, so please keep them coming.


"I was so skeptical about this product but this stuff is my new holy grail... seriously though I usually tan for hours on end to build up a tan, especially at the start of summer, but after applying this for 2 days (without extensive sun exposure) and then spending 30 mins in the sun on the 3rd (in the morning so the uv index was only 6/medium) my tan is the equivalent to what it would be after almost a full day of tanning! Will be repurchasing for sure"

Teaghan - Nov 17, 2017

We also LOVE sharing Melanoboost reviews with new visitors to our web site as they are incredibly important to the future growth of the Melanoboost® brand.

When people new to the Melanoboost® brand are considering purchasing a product in our online store for the first time, they want to read product reviews from REAL customers and their experiences as it helps them to learn more about our Peptide Sun Tanning Oils from a user perspective, and gives them the confidence to know that they will be purchasing a quality sun tanning oil that really does live up to all it promises to be. Melanoboost® works! That’s clear to see from what customers are saying in their reviews, BUT just how well Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tanning Oils work appears to have taken many customers by surprise – They LOVE MELANOBOOST®.  Because of their experiences, these customers are just as keen to post reviews in support of the Melanoboost® brand to give credit where credit is due, and sometimes to give some constructive criticism. That’s okay we’re open to that, as it helps us to stay ahead of the game. And ahead of the game we are...


"This stuff is the best oil I have ever tried and I have tried sooo many!! It's not even summer yet and I look like I've just came back from over seas! The smell is amazing! It smells identical to Lancome's La vie est belle with out the expensive price tag ,) And my skin has never been so hydrated while being at the beach and then even after coming home and showering, it never feels dried out from the sun! Above all this is the first tanning oil that actually goes into the skin and doesn't leave an oily residue on the skin! I can finally tan at the beach without being coated in sand looking like a cinnimon doughnut!! Keep up the amazing work, your product shts all over the fox tan!! 👌👌 Sincerely, Customer for life ❤"

Andrew C - Nov 17, 2017


"Have been using melanoboost every time I'm in the sun and I've gone so much darker so much quicker than usual.!! Absolutely love the stuff, the glow it leaves on the skin and the smell. Couldn't recommend it any higher.!!!!"

Jade R - Nov 23, 2017

We often hear the words “amazing, fantastic, excellent, best, Love, faster, darker” as descriptives used to explain the results experienced in most of the reviews Melanoboost® receives, even “liquid gold” pops up a lot! To have received such a high percentage of positive reviews means so much to the Melanoboost® team - It’s our driving force to keep on creating and expanding the Melanoboost Peptide Tanning Range! Keep an eye out in the New Year for some exciting NEW product editions to the Melanoboost® Peptide Tanning line up, they’re ‘gonna’ blow your mind!

To read All Melanoboost® reviews, and maybe even post one of your own, head on over to the product pages of our website.

To grab a bottle of Melanoboost® for yourself and experience your best tan yet, shop the range!

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