Melanoboost Babes

Babes who love Melanoboost

Babes who love Melanoboost   Babes who love Melanoboost 

We love Melanoboost, and we love babes who love it too. This month we’re sharing the love with our fave Melanoboost babes- grab yourself a bottle and you’ll be #tangoals year ‘round, too.


A sheer, metallic beach cover up- the accessory we didn’t realise we needed until we saw Kati Garnett team it with a deep bronze complexion. @katigarnett


Sun going down? Running out of time to tan? Emily Baldwin knows that with a bit of Melanoboost, you’ll achieve a deep tan in as little as 10 minutes (giving you way more time for the fun stuff). @emilybaldwin_


Johanna Olsson knows that topping up your tan is twice as nice when you’ve got a tanning buddy to share the rays with. @johannaeolsson


Hot, sunny days are few and far between the deeper we sink into May, so bronzed bombshell Jade Tuchny knows that Melanoboost is the key to getting the most out of the occasional burst of sunlight. @jadetuchny


Melanoboost is Laura’s latest beach bag essential. Sun, sand and saltwater drying out your skin? Melanoboost doubles as a super moisturising body oil that you can use to hydrate your skin at any time of the year. @_lauraammy


The original Melanoboost woman. As a bikini designer and model, Jamie Allen spends her days in swimwear, whatever the weather, meaning she aims to maintain a summer glow even in the middle of winter. The solution? Melanoboost. Pop it on bare skin and turn any day into a tanning opportunity. @jaymesswimwear


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