Australia’s Top 5 Beaches

Grab your Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tanning Oil and hit the road....

The warmer months are finally upon us, and the tingle of sunshine on our skin has us planning our next beach getaway. Not sure where to start? Explore our list of the best beaches the Great Southern Land has to offer.

Melanoboost's top 5 summer escapes  Melanoboost's top 5 summer escapes

Whitehaven Beach

Characterised by its bright white sand and crystal blue waters, Queensland’s Whitehaven Beach hasn’t just made it to our list- it’s even won awards including ‘Australia’s Best Beach’ in the Travellers’ Choice Awards! The beach is famous for its impossibly white sand, which gives the shoreline an almost luminescent finish. 

Turquoise Bay

As its name would suggest, Turquoise Bay is home to pristine turquoise-hued waters and hundreds of fish in every colour of the rainbow. Snorkelling is at the top of our agenda on a visit to Turquoise Bay, proving to be one of Western Australia’s most beautiful natural landmarks. 

Cable Beach

You’ve undoubtedly seen photos of holiday makers riding camels in the sand against a backdrop of a burnt orange sunset and a still ocean? Chances are you were looking at a photo of the Kimberley region’s Cable Beach. Rich red soil and spectacular sunsets over the Indian Ocean make this beach a must-see. 

Bondi Beach

Although it is known for its rough surf and somewhat unpredictable conditions, our love for Sydney’s Bondi Beach is thanks in large part to the Icebergs swimming pool. This saltwater pool combines the ambience and conditions of Bondi’s surf with the safety of a swimming pool, making it as beautiful to swim in as it is to look at. There’s a reason this beach is one of the most Instagram'd in the country.

Shelley Beach

Manly’s Shelly Beach is popular with families and snorkelers alike, as its crystal clear waters allow for ample sea-floor exploration. This protected beach is a stone’s throw away from Sydney and is the perfect spot for a BBQ as the sun goes down- the epitome of a good Aussie beach day!

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