Coachella Festival 2017

Coachella Roundup: The Best and The Worst Festival Looks

It’s the festival fashion equivalent of the Oscars, with Hollywood’s (and the world’s) best and brightest heading to the desert to set a year’s worth of street style trends. While some got it right, some got it so, so wrong. Here’s our recap of Coachella 2017’s best and worst ensembles.

Coachella Festival 2017 best dressed  Coachella Festival 2017 worst dressed 

The Best

Kendall Jenner

It’s easy to get carried away with kitchy festival dressing, but Kendall Jenner gave us all a lesson in working festival-ready pieces back in with your existing wardrobe. We loved Kendall’s intricately sequinned bralette, pared back with chic linen separates.

Elsa Hosk

Victoria’s Secret Angel Elsa Hosk fuses a handful of this year’s biggest trends, including the slip dress, the statement belt and the newsboy hat, for a winning festival look. In the real world, this many trends at once could fall flat- but at Coachella, a different set of rules apply.

Emma Roberts

Is there any better accessory for a summer glow than a little white dress? Emma Roberts looks fresh as a daisy in this lacey frock.


The Worst

Kylie Jenner

Unlike her sister, Kylie Jenner didn’t quite nail the overall relaxed vibe of the festival. This figure hugging, sheer metallic mini dress looked more nightclub than day festival.

Ariel Winter

This look could have been cute, and bonus points for the bright hair (very festival ready), however the flash of a lacey bra felt a little outdated for this festival.


We imagine this is an unpopular opinion given how much of a stir Rihanna’s embellished bodysuit caused on social media, but hear us out- this bodysuit is worth over $9000. For a festival in the desert?!

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