Fave beaches for Brits abroad

One of the countless joys of living in Europe is that some of the world’s most beautiful holiday destinations are only a stone’s throw away...

Spain has long been a favourite destination for British holiday makers- in fact, it’s the UK’s number one holiday destination. Being so close to some of the world’s best beaches means the Brits have insider knowledge, spending their summers slightly off the beaten track in less known destinations. Here are some of Spain’s summer top holiday destinations, frequented by British beauties.

Take Melanoboost Sun Tan Oil to the best beach in Spain  Take Melanoboost Sun Tan Oil to the best beach in Spain

The Balearic Islands

Each of the Balearic Islands have their own charm. Ibiza has plenty to offer those in search of a good party, while Mallorca is known for its richly preserved history- think ancient villages, churches and monasteries. Menorca is less touristy, offering holidaymakers peace, quiet and serenity, and the island of Formentera boasts an unspoiled coastline dotted with dramatic cliffs looking over sapphire waters.

The Canary Islands

The largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife, is also the most populated island of Spain making it extremely popular with Brits in search of a European summer getaway. Lesser-known islands such as La Gomera and La Palma are becoming increasingly popular, however, for their more relaxed atmosphere, idyllic beaches, vineyards and orchards. La Gomera and La Palma aren’t as commercially popular as Tenerife, but still have everything modern jetsetters need for a comfortable stay. 

Costa de la Luz

 Along the Western part of the Andalucia coastline you’ll find Costa de la Luz. A favourite of the savvy British tourist, Costa de la Luz is characterised by glistening turquoise waters and hidden coves, while the beaches are yet to be spoiled by the high rise apartments blocks that have punctuated other Spanish beaches.


Catalonia is a province full of juxtapositions- lush green forests meeting sparkling, sun drenched beaches, ancient castles sitting atop cliffs only a short distance from town centers. Volcanic cones, rocky coves and hiking trails meet the ocean in Catalonia, the perfect holiday destination for British travellers with a thirst for culture.


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