Baby Oil For Sun Tanning - Outdated And Unsafe!

Back in the 1960's people used to literally coat themselves in a glistening layer of baby oil for sun tanning, then bake in the sun for hours on end in pursuit of a tan. OMG RIGHT!

After that, tanning oils designed specifically for sun tanning entered the market - Think Coppertone and Reef Oil. Many people will remember grabbing a bottle of sun tanning oil from the supermarket for about 10 bucks (todays equivalent now costs around $25), lathering it on all over, then laying on their towel at the beach and 'sun baking' all day long.

If you ask most people from generations past about their 'sun baking habits', many will freely admit that they followed the mantra of burn first = tan later! (Yes that includes you X & Y generations). Millennials are not excluded either as many of you are following that mind set striving for the ultimate sun tan - PLEASE STOP!

It's 2017 people - There's a smarter way to tan!

Check out our modern take on the vintage 1967 Coppertone advert below? WOW how times have changed!

Coppertone  Melanoboost - The new take on tanning oils

Okay so it's 2017 and Melanoboost® is hell bent on changing the way you tan...

Our mission is to change your approach to sun tanning! We ourselves LOVE a sun tan, but prolonged UV exposure isn't good. We know that. You know that.

Melanoboost® = Minimum Sun - Maximum Tan®

So What sets Melanoboost® apart from the sun tanning oils you used to use?

One word - PEPTIDES!

Our sun tanning oils contain what the cosmetic and beauty industries refer to as 'active ingredients". These active ingredients are in fact our Melanoboost® Peptide Complex; an intelligent blend of PEPTIDE ACTIVES designed to BOOST the melanin levels in your skin prior to UV exposure and ACTIVATE the natural tanning process. TIP: When your melanin levels are BOOSTED, you should be able to spend less time in the sun, yet still tan effectively.

We talk about 'boosting melanin' a lot because that is what our active peptides are designed to do - it's not just a marketing term used to get you excited. 

Melanoboost® promotes a balanced approach to UV exposure to maximise benefit and minimise risk.

Use Melanoboost® Peptide Sun Tanning Oil in the lead up to sun exposure to prep your skin by boosting melanin levels, then use it during SHORT stints of UV exposure for optimised sun tanning results. Remember NO sun baking! Just 15 minutes here or there, and Melanoboost customers are getting their sun tans on like never before!

Read the 100+ reviews across our product pages and you will learn about actual customer experiences using Melanoboost® - People ARE seeing the results we talk about...

"NEW HOLY GRAIL  - I was so skeptical about this product but this stuff is my new holy grail... seriously though I usually tan for hours on end to build up a tan, especially at the start of summer, but after applying this for 2 days (without extensive sun exposure) and then spending 30 mins in the sun on the 3rd (in the morning so the uv index was only 6/medium) my tan is the equivalent to what it would be after almost a full day of tanning! Will be repurchasing for sure."

Teaghan - Nov 18, 2017

"FINALLY - Great stuff! Does what it says. I was most impressed as i am quite fair and do not tan well. I followed the instructions and applied daily whether it was sunny day or not. Love the oil it is not greasy and quickly absorbed, i needed to apply a bit more as my skin is fairly dry which is fine as you get a great bottle size and is worth the money. Another i liked was the fact that even in the Melanoboost Oil with Bronzing there was no sign of orange hands, bed sheets, or blotchy knees. Praise the Lord! I did however use the Melanoboost oil for about 3 weeks to begin with which prepared my skin initially and wore sunscreen all the time. I couldn't believe it when i actually started to tan! I got so excited i bought another 3 bottles and have just recently purchased Melanoboost with Bronzer and "WOW" I am seriously tanned! Just yesterday a friend said to me "Man , I feel very white around you at the moment!", I have never heard that! Completely addicted! Love it! Will post a picture for you soon!"

Sarah M - Dec 3, 2017

Get smarter. Tan faster. GET Melanoboost®

Buy Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tanning Oil

Please note: We always recommend that you use sun screen during UV exposure (after applying Melanoboost) to protect your skin from the sun's rays.

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