Take Your Look From Beach To Bar

One of our favourite things about the summer holidays is having the chance to catch up with people who you don’t get to see as much during the working year...

The downside? Having to cram as many social outings as possible into the (far too short) holiday period. This, more often results, in beach days that swiftly turn into nights out, with little to no time in between to change up your look. We’re here to take the hard work out of your summer social engagements. Read on for our tips for taking your look from the beach to the bar.

Beach to bar with Melanoboost  Beach to bar with Melanoboost

A bold red lip

The quickest way to add an element of polish to your look is with a slick of red lipstick. Often associated with porcelain skin and winged liner, a red lip looks just as glam with minimal eye makeup and a golden-bronze complexion. Look for a moisturising formula to combat chapped lips- an almost unavoidable evil after a day in the sun.

A great body oil

Hours spent on the sand can dry out the skin, leading to a tight, dry, uncomfortable feeling by the time you step out in the evening. Apply a nourishing body oil throughout the day and your skin will be glowing and hydrated well into the night. Our favourite? Melanoboost of course!

Keep up the SPF

Nothing spoils your overall look (or your night!) like bright red skin. After moisturising or using Melanoboost, keep applying SPF to ensure your skin is not only hydrated, but protected from the sun’s harsh rays.

The perfect beach dress 

A great coverup will look as chic by the sea side as it will during happy hour. We’re loving lace and crochet styles this summer to channel some serious weekend-in-the-Hamptons style. Look for kaftans and beach-ready frocks in crisp whites and soft ivories to really show off your freshly tanned limbs.

A simple heel

Not appropriate for the beach, but easy to slip in your beach bag. Elevate your look for the evening (literally!) by swapping out your Havaianas for a simple heeled sandal - the perfect way to doll up the aforementioned beach dress for the bar!

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